But, I'm not stressed

I can’t stress this enough. We all have too much stress.

Just because you don’t “feel” stressed (maybe you have a great happy perfect life, congrats!) doesn’t mean your body isn’t under a ton of stress each day. There are many different ways we put stress on our bodies and these are just a few examples. The more ways you reduce your stress burden, the happier your body will be.

Stress worsens our mood, depletes nutrients, impacts our sleep, burdens our organs, worsens digestion and blood sugar balance, affects our hormones, and more!

How do you reduce stress? Check out my other posts for helpful tips!

By Michelle Bilinski

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Prioritize Your Priorities

Feeling a lack of fulfillment? Perhaps you're not acting out your priorities. Do this exercise whenever you feel the need to get yourself back "on track" toward your best self and what's truly important.

By Lindsay Mumma

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Outer Hip Roll Out At Wall

Outer hips need a little love? Join Dr. Kerry McGinn and use Yoga Tune Up Balls to roll out the hips at the roll. Perfect if you are short on time and low on space:)

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3 Ways to Sleep Better

These 3 things are the FASTEST ways to improve your sleep. Of course, there may be other underlying issues to address, but this is a darn good place to start right now.

1. Get 10-20 minutes of morning sunshine! This is how you advance your circadian rhythm so that you get tired earlier in the evening. If it's freezing outside, bundle up! It's not your skin that matters in this situation. Your EYES are all that need to get that morning sun for sleep's sake.

2. NO CAFFEINE after 12 pm. It takes most people ten hours for your body to metabolize caffeine and get it out of your body. Some people it takes even longer! So if you're still not falling asleep quickly, you might want to cut caffeine altogether.

3. Eliminate blue light OR wear blue blockers after dark to block all light that is disruptive for sleep. I dare you to try not to fall asleep watching Netflix with these bad boys on!

Click here for more sleep tips & tricks!

By Lexie Gray

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What are macros?

Intro to macros 101: Here are the basics you need to know to best nourish your body!

By Michelle Bilinski

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Full Body versus Split Routines

Deciding whether to do a total body workout or split up your muscle groups and body parts throughout the week? Learn more about pros and cons in this infographic.

By Megan Flanagan

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Training for an Ultra

Where are our runners at?! Watch this video to hear Kelly explain how much training is needed for an ultra.

Here are the general minimum guidelines for training for an ultra depending on the distance:

50k/50M: 6 hours per week for 3 weeks starting 6 weeks from your race (usually the 3 weeks prior to a 3 week taper)

100k/100M: 9 hours per week for 6 weeks starting 9 weeks from your race (usually the 6 weeks prior to a 3 week taper)

There will be individual variance (as always), as you could get by with less or you may need more, but this is a great place to start if you’re wondering how much time you’ll need to dedicate to ultra training.

By Kelly Lutz

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TMJ roll out

Do you hold tension in your jaw? Do you hold tension in your neck? Often times tension in the jaw can create tension down into the neck. Try this short, sweet and GENTLE roll out of your TMJ area.

By Kerry McGinn

#mobility #kerry mcginn #tmj

Reading ingredient lists

The ingredients you put into your body matter. Do your health a favor and watch for these red flags. Unfortunately the food industry in our country isn’t putting our health as a priority, so we need to learn and do the work.

One way to avoid crappy ingredients? Eat whole foods that don’t have food labels!

Read the blog for more info on this topic!

By Michelle Bilinski

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