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I am taking the Meathead Hippie podcast on the road, to interview people I love about farming, land, food, and all things wellness!

As I enter this new chapter in my life, I decided to combine all of my favorite wellness resources in a new EMPRESS publication…each representing an important part of the journey that led me here.

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OSHA ROOT: a physical & spiritual protector

Osha Root has been highly revered by indigenous people throughout time, for its unmatched physical & spiritual properties. Click to learn all about this sacred herb. It makes a perfect gift to nourish the ones you love!

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An introduction to the Kaballah

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September's herb of the month: RED RASPBERRY LEAF!

This month, our Build Your Own Apothecary members are enjoying and learning about red raspberry leaf…a powerful herb that’s often overlooked in pursuit of the raspberries themselves. If there is one herb to hold us in every transition from death to rebirth to new life emerging, it is none other than the plant of red raspberry.

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Did you know that stress can cause gut dysfunction?

The gut-brain axis is a two-way communication network, connecting the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain with our intestinal functions.
To put it simply...when we're in a "fight or flight" situation, our stress response tells our gut to redirect its energy away from digestion and toward the stressful situation.


Trying to cut sugar? This supp can help

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of essential amino acids that help build muscle and alleviate fatigue.

If you consistently eat and properly digest high quality proteins, then you’re getting your BCAAs in! Because of this, many wonder if a BCAA supplement is even worth it.

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August herb of the month: NETTLES!

a nutrient-filled plant for RESILIENCY

This month, our Build Your Own Apothecary members are enjoying and learning about an herbalist favorite… NETTLES!

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