Chocolate Covered “Rum” Balls

Is it even Christmas without a rum ball (or two?!) Try this recipe out this holiday season!

By Emma Swanston

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Office Hours: Consistency

Listen in as Em and Wade talk about why consistency is so important and how we can continue to show up for ourselves day in and day out!

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A Killer Chipper Workout

100 air squats
80 lunges
60 situps
40 push-ups
20 burpees

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A newsletter from Em

Well my heart feels like flying,

and that is exactly what I am here to do. I have a story to share.

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The Thyroid with Dr. Rachel

Listen in as Em and Dr. Rachel dive deep into a discussion about the thyroid!

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I have a story to share

Join Em as she reads a newsletter, sings a new song on the Banjo, and talks about killing her darlings.

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Chakra Flow: Solar Plexus

Join Dixie for a flow for our SOLAR PLEXUS, our creativity powerhouse that we can't wait to activate with you!

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Legs & Core with Wade

Wade has a killer workout for you focused on LEGS & CORE!

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Deviled Eggs

If you're planning your holiday menu, add these deviled eggs to it! They're packed with protein & healthy fats and make a great appetizer!

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Understanding Your Body

Listen in as Em and Rachel Pontillo have a conversation on how to understand your body.

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