Pull-up Improvement Guide

Looking for ways to improve your pull-ups or get your first one? Try out this template as a guide to improve your pull-ups within 30 days!

By Megan Flanagan

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What is your word for the year?

My favorite thing to do each year is picking a word to focus on and pray over my life. I’m not anti-resolution, but this helps me set good intentions for all of my goals.

For 2022, I couldn’t choose between simplicity and connect, so I picked both! Click here to read more!

By Michelle Bilinski

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If you want bolder shoulders, listen in as Em talks about how to build them!

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Are you ready to sign up for an ultra?

Many have asked me how to know if they’re ready to sign up for an ultra.

In my opinion, it boils down to 2 things: desire and time.

Do you want to run an ultra? If the answer is no….. then I’m not really sure why you’re asking the question. So then it becomes do you have the time (both weekly and overall) to dedicate to training for an ultra?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES, then (generally speaking) there’s no reason you aren’t ready to sign up for an ultra.

By Kelly Lutz

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EmPack Cardio

4 rounds:
10 front/back squats
20 second sprint
10 EmPack burpees

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Airplane Mode

Madison said goodbye to her phone plan for her long distance trail as a cost financially but realized the cost mentally. Read more in the article here!

By Madison Traviss

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Office Hours: Gains

If you're looking to get those gainz in 2022, listen in as Em, Wade, & April talk about how to get the most out of your workouts no matter what your routine is. 

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Sweet Potato Brownies

Need something sweet that won't affect your blood sugar too much? Try these delicious sweet potato brownies!

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New Gut Repair Formula

Do you:

Bloat easily?
Suffer from leaky gut?
Struggle to find immediate relief from stomach pains?
Have weird poos?

We are so excited about this new & improved Gut Repair, as it uses way more herbs for a more effective response. And it's ready for you! Read more about our new formula here.

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