Milky Oats

An overlooked ally in the plant world.

Almost everyone is familiar with milky oats - likely from their experiences with it as a breakfast staple - but this unassuming plant holds much more value than you can see in your morning bowl of porridge. And that’s what the month of May was all about!

Click here for a snapshot of what our Build Your Own Apothecary members learned this month, including:

- the benefits of milky oats
- its healing properties
- how to make your own medicine!

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Join in for a follow-along circuit with Pasha and Em working through 2 biomechanic exercises. 

These two exercises are to help teach our body to hold weight on one side before moving to the next, as well as light your glutes and lats on fire! 


Summertime Skincare

Click here to learn how to take care of your skin this summer with nutrients and herbs!

Get your Omega 3s and go here for more from Empirica!

Want more herb education? Check out Herbal Element!

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Build your own apothecary

Click here to learn more about our monthly loose leaf tea subscription and click here for more from Element!

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How to prep for pregnancy (besides kegels!)

Google “preconception exercise”. I bet the main thing you’ll see is to make sure you’re doing kegels. And while that’s not inherently wrong, there's nuance to it. Many women have overactive pelvic floors, meaning that kegels may not be beneficial at all.

There are SO many other things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy, which you can read about in the blog Six Exercises to Prepare for Pregnancy [that aren't kegels!]

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The Evolution of Exercise

What is your relationship with exercise like? If you’re like me, you may have had a love/hate relationship with it over the years.

As a kid, it’s all about having fun! Playing sports, chasing your friends, doing cartwheels, etc. No agenda, no worrying, just pure enjoyment moving your body. Then as you get older you learn about how exercise is healthy and can make you lose weight, which seemingly everyone wants to do. Which makes you think that you should too. You start to realize there is SO much pressure on women especially to look a certain way, and yet that seems to be a moving target.

Be thin, but not too skinny. Be strong, but not too muscular. Be curvy, but not too much! It’s a never-ending cycle.

My relationship with movement has changed drastically over the years, and I thought I’d share because I know some of y’all will relate. You can head to the blog to read the full story!

Kick With Kat: Leg Day Zumba Style

Fun fact: I taught Zumba for almost 10 years. Try this leg day song for when you need to do legs, but don’t wanna do legs

By Kat Muto

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3 Things to Care about More than Race Performance

As runners, we love striving for PRs, putting all of our eggs in one race basket.

The feeling of hitting a PR is unmatched - you’re on top of the world.

But when you don’t hit it, it can be devastating.

Here are some things to care about more than your race performance: enjoyment, longevity and how you feel.

I love when my athletes hit their race day goals, but I love it more when they enjoy the process before and after getting there.

One day, the PRs will stop coming. Will you still want to run then?

Click here for more info!

By Kelly Lutz

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PMS less with these supps

Is severe PMS normal?
Excessive breast tenderness?
Crazy mood swings?
Debilitating cramps?

It's no secret that PMS can really, really suck.
But a lesser known fact is that severe PMS isn't normal...and in many situations, it's preventable.

How? Severe PMS often indicates a hormonal imbalance to check in on. With the right natural supplements, this imbalance can be corrected!
So which PMS supps are right for you? 

Click here to learn which supps match up with your symptoms. We share why they work, how they work, & our recommended use.

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Nervous System Reset

This is a short, sweet and MAGIC way to reset your body, mind and soul if you're in the midst of stressful seasons of life. Use these simple, body based techniques to bring yourself back to baseline and most importantly, feel GOOD.

By Kerry McGinn

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