PMS less with these supps

Is severe PMS normal?
Excessive breast tenderness?
Crazy mood swings?
Debilitating cramps?

It's no secret that PMS can really, really suck.
But a lesser known fact is that severe PMS isn't normal...and in many situations, it's preventable.

How? Severe PMS often indicates a hormonal imbalance to check in on. With the right natural supplements, this imbalance can be corrected!
So which PMS supps are right for you? 

Click here to learn which supps match up with your symptoms. We share why they work, how they work, & our recommended use.

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3 Things You May Not Know About Your Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is not just the days you are bleeding - it is the full 28-35 days between and including bleeds.

Your cycle can be broken down into 4 phases :


You body needs different things during each of these phases to optimize your mental and physical health.

Everything from different foods, activities, mental stimuli and types of interactions.

By Jess Bam

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The women's US National Soccer Team used CYCLE SYNCING to strategize how they trained while they prepared to compete for the World Cup 🤯
The team's high performance trainer Dawn Scott said “I feel like it’s one of the strategies that we deployed that helped us win.”
When I learned this I got full body chills.

For so many years female athletes have been told to push past their periods and workout on a fitness schedule that was based on that of a man's body.
They would overtrain, get injured, go through shame cycles of wondering why they couldn't “keep up”.
So many athletes have been put on hormonal birth control all together to stop their cycles all together. Trainers thought it was “better that way” or easier.

I am SO PUMPED to live in a time where women are starting to really learn about their bodies.
And I am SO honored to be able to help women learn how to work with their bodies instead of against them.
KUDOS to the US National Soccer team for helping to pave the way 👏🏻👏🏻

By Jess Bam

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