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The impact of dehydration on blood sugar is significant!

Join The Four Dailies to nail down your water intake, and if you need support in understanding your blood sugar  - download Em’s Meathead Hippie EMPRESS for videos on how to HANDLE THE HANGRY. 

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Needing a source of calcium? Try NETTLES! :) 

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Try replacing pre-workouts with PLANTS!

We love ginseng for all of it's wonderful benefits, but as always.. know where your GINSENG is sourced from!

Our favorite GINSENG sustainable sources:
Sleepy Hollow Farm and HERB PHARM! 

Why magnesium?

Well… your body simply loves it.

Our favorite magnesium ? HERE!

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our favorite magnesium? HERE! : ) 

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We nerded out quite a bit on learning about water facts today.

HERE is an infographic to learn a little more!


Day 1 of our #thefourdailies challenge and we want to share a way we incorporate herbs in our morning routine : through replacing our mouthwash.
Goldenseal is a revered herb that is so effective for medicine that it is currently over harvested and endangered. A lengthy research article on Goldenseal can be found HERE.

An oral care remedy we know and love is created by Sleepy Hollow Farms, who cultivates and harvests this beautiful herb with reverence and respect so that it can be used medicinally without worrying about its disappearance! 


How to Handle the Hangry

Many issues we face - like hangriness, low energy, cravings, & a midday crash - come down to understanding the health of our cells.

When we eat nutrient dense foods, we will absolutely improve all of the above.

But in a world covered in toxins and nutrient depleted soil, we are all in need of basic nutrients to heal our body and be at the most optimal state.

CLICK HERE to learn what being "hangry" really means - and how to handle it with a thoughtful combination of food, herbs, & supplements!

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