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September's herb of the month: RED RASPBERRY LEAF!

This month, our Build Your Own Apothecary members are enjoying and learning about red raspberry leaf…a powerful herb that’s often overlooked in pursuit of the raspberries themselves. If there is one herb to hold us in every transition from death to rebirth to new life emerging, it is none other than the plant of red raspberry.

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Did you know that stress can cause gut dysfunction?

The gut-brain axis is a two-way communication network, connecting the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain with our intestinal functions.
To put it simply...when we're in a "fight or flight" situation, our stress response tells our gut to redirect its energy away from digestion and toward the stressful situation.


August herb of the month: NETTLES!

a nutrient-filled plant for RESILIENCY

This month, our Build Your Own Apothecary members are enjoying and learning about an herbalist favorite… NETTLES!

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By Element

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Trying to cut sugar? This supp can help

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of essential amino acids that help build muscle and alleviate fatigue.

If you consistently eat and properly digest high quality proteins, then you’re getting your BCAAs in! Because of this, many wonder if a BCAA supplement is even worth it.

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By Empirica

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WE ARE BACK, with no more plastic!


Our new, more sustainable packaging is here, starting with the Essentials!

The Essentials Pack supports overall balance, including mood, energy, and optimal cellular functioning, and addresses the most common deficiencies we see.

This pack includes:

Vital Bs
Omega 3s
Tri-mag (capsule form)

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Musings - Queen of Wands

Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about her for over a year. Her ability to shine. Her vibrancy. Her unapologetic connection to her sexuality, sensuality, and sacred gifts. I just want to embody an ounce of her authenticity.

Lately, this ability to stay connected to our own internal flame has felt much more urgent.

This Cancer season has been something, hasn’t it? I feel like we were moving at lightspeed, and Cancer came in and ripped out our engines, plopped us in a tube, and sent us drifting down a lazy river.

We’re on a new timeline and we want to be off to the races, but we’re being asked to start our entry to this new portal slowly, intentionally.

The pains of the world have been in our faces for a long time, and now they feel like they are screaming. Our own individual pain perhaps as well, as we slow down.

But what I know to be true, is that this is indeed a new portal. This isn’t the repetition of old cycles or mistakes of the past. This is being willing to see those things clearly and face them, deal with them, and use the radiance of the Queen of Wands to keep ourselves and those around us warm.

We are not succumbing to the shadows or the fear or the pain. We are being asked to burn brightly and show them the light. To continue to radiate our gifts so that others feel our warmth. To continue to choose joy and pleasure even when it feels difficult.

I hope even as we continue to navigate choppy waters, we hold firmly to our burning flame to guide us.

By Chelsea Mancini

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Herb of the month!

What herbs have such potency that they can indeed change your life?

Our June herbs were picked based on the current environment we’re in: our immune systems are still in dire need of being supported, and the systemic stress surrounding us cannot be ignored.

To take care of ourselves with plants - our greatest allies - is of utmost importance. That is the vision of our Build Your Own Apothecary subscription: not just to experience a moment with these herbs but to take what you learn and change your whole life with it!

With that said, this month has been a special one for our Build Your Own Apothecary subscribers, as they received not just one, but TWO herbs to experience, hold, and heal with…

LAVENDER & ECHINACEA! Click here to learn more!

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By Element

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Exciting news!

We've been working on new, more sustainable packaging! Read more about it here!

We’ve decided to move away from plastic bottles and toward sustainable cardboard packets. It's better for our planet, and we also think it will help simplify your supplement routine.

"The Essentials Pack" will be the first of many custom bundles that we are creating in this new packaging, and it will be available very soon for purchase!

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