Zen Out

In a world that's SO OBSESSED with productivity, we often forget that in order to achieve, we must make time for REST.

If you are...

feeling overworked & stressed
struggling with muscle pain, soreness, & spasms
burning the midnight oil at your computer for the sake of #productivity
having a hard time sleeping because your circadian rhythms are off...

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But, I'm not stressed

I can’t stress this enough. We all have too much stress.

Just because you don’t “feel” stressed (maybe you have a great happy perfect life, congrats!) doesn’t mean your body isn’t under a ton of stress each day. There are many different ways we put stress on our bodies and these are just a few examples. The more ways you reduce your stress burden, the happier your body will be.

Stress worsens our mood, depletes nutrients, impacts our sleep, burdens our organs, worsens digestion and blood sugar balance, affects our hormones, and more!

How do you reduce stress? Check out my other posts for helpful tips!

By Michelle Bilinski

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Sound familiar? Your adrenals could use some extra love!
Adequate nutrients and stress management are vital to support healthy adrenals. Getting enough minerals and nutrients throughout your day (especially vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium) and adding in adaptogens and other botanicals like passionflower, chamomile, and relora can help support adrenal health. ⁠Making sure you are taking time to fill your cup is crucial - write a poem, learn to play an instrument, walk in the woods, legs up the wall, taking time to play everyday, whatever feeds your soul. ⁠⠀
If you are curious what adrenal support supplements are right for you, our Custom Consults can help tailor a supplement protocol based on your needs!

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Blood Sugar Dysregulation

This is a classic sign of low blood sugar! Adequate digestive/liver function and adrenal support play a huge role in blood sugar regulation. Here are some tips that can help if this is you:

1. Slow down during meals so you can properly digest what you eat. Digestion starts in the brain, so sit down and chew your meals thoroughly. ⁠⠀
2. Eat enough balanced meals with adequate protein fats and whole food carbs sources will give you the nutrients to keep your liver functioning properly. ⁠⠀
3. Adrenals also play a key role, and in times of stress they can work overtime. Allowing yourself proper rest and nutrients is key. ⁠⠀
If you feel like you need some macro guidance and the right support for your, our Normas are amazing at creating custom protocols to help you take your health back into your own hands!

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Vital B Vitamins

Vital Bs is one of my daily essentials because B vitamins are critical for so many functions in the body, and they are depleted in times of stress. Taking a B complex will help you feel more energized and kick sugar cravings as well.

Check out this graphic for more info!

By Michelle Bilinski

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Stress Hacks

With the holidays coming up, we can all use a reminder of how we can proactively manage stress. Listen in as Em shares some of our favorite tips!

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Adaptogen Support

Sometimes our body just needs some extra support, especially in times of stress. Adaptogen Support has become one of my go to supps in these crazy stressful times (hello the past 2 years). This beautiful blend of herbs & nutrients adapt to what our bodies need most.

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By Michelle Bilinski

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Many of us are deficient in magnesium because our soil has been depleted of nutrients over the years, and our bodies need extra magnesium during times of stress (hello our entire lives). Every cell in our body requires magnesium for some function, so it's a pretty big deal.

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By Michelle Bilinski

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Adrenals: What You Need to Know

Listen as Em explains why taking care of our adrenals is so important and how you can support them! Check out these supps she talks about:

Adrenal Relief
Adrenal Reboot
Vital Bs
B12 Tablets

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