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Listen into this episode with Madison Traviss. Madison is a certified forest therapist, the Director of Stewardship and Partnerships for Friends of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, bus dweller, rescue pup lover, long distance hiker, and so much more. We get to talking about all of it, and she even leads us in a moment of mindfulness that is certain to get you in the right headspace for your day.

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Airplane Mode

Madison said goodbye to her phone plan for her long distance trail as a cost financially but realized the cost mentally. Read more in the article here!

By Madison Traviss

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Hiking Prep 101

Check out this short ebook to learn Kerry's top 5 tips for prepping for Hiking Season. As an avid hiker and Physical therapist, Kerry loves helping others get outdoors.  This ebook takes you through 5 things she ALWAYS addresses with her hikers and outdoor adventurers.

By Kerry McGinn

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Join Em and Joslyn from Pure Heart Juice in a new cooking show all about DEER juice:
a juice created to ground, heal, and support the immune system all based on the new BIRD Quiz! 

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Guided Grounding Meditation

Feeling a little untethered and scattered? Join Kerry in this short and sweet grounding meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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Earthly Embodiment

Take a moment to walk outside and gift yourself an experience today. What's in flight? Beings take many shapes and forms around you. I wonder what it would be like to mimic or move like one of them.

Take 10 minutes today to go for a walk or simply sit outside and notice what's around you.

By Madison Traviss

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10:10:10 Invitation

Take 10 minutes to do each of these steps, 30 minutes total.

Sit with this invitation pictured and below in a place where you can be away from distractions.

Find a way that makes sense to you whether it is painting, singing, journaling, dancing; allow it to sit in your body.

Make and enjoy some tea, coffee, or a glass of water away from screens.

"Tree limbs, the underground streams, even your own breath all have their own forms of communication. I invite you to listen to how your environment wants to communicate with you."

By Madison Traviss

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An Earthly Embodiment

Take 10 minutes to do each of these steps, 30 minutes total.

This embodiment is perfect for deer or anyone needing time to reflect!

By Madison Traviss

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What does it mean to be a DEER?

Protector, lover, mother, father, friend... deer holds time and space for all around. The beauty of the deer is that they see the goodness and light in everyone around them. Brave, protective, strong, and all heart, the deer's biggest lesson lies in boundaries so they save some of themselves for them.

Listen to this episode to learn more about what it means to be a DEER.

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Get outside

Whether you are a deer out of balance or just need a mood boost, GET OUTSIDE. Right now, if you can.
Let the sunlight hit your face and soak it in. Why this this important? Click here for 3 reasons to get outside today.

By Michelle Bilinski

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