Guided Grounding Meditation

Feeling a little untethered and scattered? Join Kerry in this short and sweet grounding meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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10:10:10 Invitation

Take 10 minutes to do each of these steps, 30 minutes total.

Sit with this invitation pictured and below in a place where you can be away from distractions.

Find a way that makes sense to you whether it is painting, singing, journaling, dancing; allow it to sit in your body.

Make and enjoy some tea, coffee, or a glass of water away from screens.

"Tree limbs, the underground streams, even your own breath all have their own forms of communication. I invite you to listen to how your environment wants to communicate with you."

By Madison Traviss

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Three Minute Kundalini Breathwork

Join me for 3 minutes to level up your current state and connect to the present moment.

Mantra options: Sa Ta Na Ma x2 or Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

And to level up even more, do it with the Expand-a-lung

By Lindsay Mumma

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Zen Out: An Introduction to Meditation Ebook

Check out this ebook to learn more about how to start and maintain a meditation practice. This is perfect for newbie meditators and those looking to learn a bit more about meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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Meditation with Jennifer Sheldon

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