Three Minute Kundalini Breathwork

Join me for 3 minutes to level up your current state and connect to the present moment.

Mantra options: Sa Ta Na Ma x2 or Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

And to level up even more, do it with the Expand-a-lung

By Lindsay Mumma

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Chakra Flow with Dixie: Breathwork

Join Dixie for some breathwork, some flow, and a whole lot of love on this beautiful Sunday!

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Nourish Your Nervous System Ebook

Learn five ways to nourish your nervous system and find ways to connect back into a deeper state of rest.

By Kerry McGinn

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Nourish Your Nervous System Mini Movement

Press reset on your nervous system with this short mini movement sequence. This 4 minute video will take you through some nervous system nourishment techniques, somatic yoga and breathwork. Perfect if you need a moment to pause and shift from GO GO GO to a more rested state.

By Kerry McGinn

#breathwork #yoga #nervous system #kerry mcginn

Meathead Hippie Podcast: Brian Mackenzie

Join Em and Brian Mackenzie for a discussion on breathwork and identity changes on this episode of the Meathead Hippie Podcast. 

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