Adam Bornstein on Mindset

Listen to this clip from Emfit Challenge as Em and Adam talk about mindset and how to simplify your life.

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Pumpkin Chai Latte

This easy latte has all the holiday feels without any of the added junk!

By Lexie Gray

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Setting Realistic Expectations

Join Em and Paul Buono for a discussion on setting realistic expectations so you can go into the new year ready to make sustainable changes!

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Meathead Hippie Podcast: Boundaries

Listen in as Em chats with Jesi Dergance on boundaries, over committing, and apologizing less.

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Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake

There are three simple components that make up this epic snickerdoodle cake - the cake, the streusel, and the glaze. All very simple on their own but when you put them all together, you have a truly magical experience.

By Emma Swanston

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Offset Lunges

Check out this lunge variation from the Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP program!

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Ayurvedic Medicine and Doshas

Join Em and Rachel Pontillo for a conversation on Ayurvedic medicine and doshas.

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Hiking Prep 101

Check out this short ebook to learn Kerry's top 5 tips for prepping for Hiking Season. As an avid hiker and Physical therapist, Kerry loves helping others get outdoors.  This ebook takes you through 5 things she ALWAYS addresses with her hikers and outdoor adventurers.

By Kerry McGinn

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Shoulder & Core Workout

5 rounds for time:
1 minute plank
2 wall walks
15 situps
.25 run or 2 minutes cardio

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Weight Loss & Body Composition

If you're setting some goals for the new year, listen in as Em & Wade discuss a new perspective on weight loss & body composition changes

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