Shoulder Stability + a Burner

Wade & Em show us how some ways to work on shoulder stability in this video.

Shoulder Stability Work:
10 Arm Bar (each side)
10 Shoulder Retraction
50 ft. Server Carry

For TIme:
Goblet Squat 
Box Jumps (or Step-Ups)

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EmPack Leg Workout

4 Rounds for Time:

5 (each leg) Weighted Step Ups
5 (each leg) Jumping Step Ups
30 second plank
10 Weighted Squats
10 Jump Squats

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Woman Makers

Check out this move April is showing us from our FLAGSHIP program today! It's a full body move that will get your heart rate up and pump going.

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Low Back Pain

If you struggle with low back pain, this video is for you! Wade and Em explain how you can prevent back pain using a few of our favorite moves!

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CRAVINGS: Cut Yourself Some Slack

Listen in as Em reminds us that cravings aren't something to beat ourselves up about, they're our body's way of telling us something!

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The Multiple Purposes of the Skin

The skin is our largest organ and has so many different functions. Listen into this conversation between Em & Sarah Morgan to discuss the many purposes of the skin.

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Is Fasting For You?

In this video, Em talks about how to know if fasting is right for your body or not.

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Full Body Workout with Akeem

3 rounds:

10-15 reverse lunge & twist
6-10 around the world
12-15 power clean to good morning
8-10 SL squat into bicep curl

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