How to Handle the Hangry

Many issues we face - like hangriness, low energy, cravings, & a midday crash - come down to understanding the health of our cells.

When we eat nutrient dense foods, we will absolutely improve all of the above.

But in a world covered in toxins and nutrient depleted soil, we are all in need of basic nutrients to heal our body and be at the most optimal state.

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What are macros?

Intro to macros 101: Here are the basics you need to know to best nourish your body!

By Michelle Bilinski

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Reading ingredient lists

The ingredients you put into your body matter. Do your health a favor and watch for these red flags. Unfortunately the food industry in our country isn’t putting our health as a priority, so we need to learn and do the work.

One way to avoid crappy ingredients? Eat whole foods that don’t have food labels!

Read the blog for more info on this topic!

By Michelle Bilinski

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CRAVINGS: Cut Yourself Some Slack

Listen in as Em reminds us that cravings aren't something to beat ourselves up about, they're our body's way of telling us something!

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Is Fasting For You?

In this video, Em talks about how to know if fasting is right for your body or not.

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Emfit Challenge: Alcohol

We know this time of year can mean more alcohol for some of us. Watch this video as Em explains how alcohol affects the body and what some good options are if you do want to have a drink.

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Immune support

Feeling under the weather?

These habits
will help strengthen your immune system so you can prevent catching that thing going around the office and help you fight off bugs faster. 

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How to Make Cooking Easy

Take 3 minutes to listen as Em gives you some great tips on how to make cooking & eating healthy easier!

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Building a Plate

Em explains how to build a plate in an super simple way that is sustainable and effective for maximum results!

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Fuel Your Fitness

This Empirica blog will teach you how to choose the right foods to make the most of your workouts!

By Erika Hawley

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