Coach Sav is showing us a killer core move from today's Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP programming!

#flagship #core #strength #strength training

Banded Explosive AB Rotations

Coach George is showing us a new move from the Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP program!

#flagship #core #strength #strength training

DB Standing OH Press

Did you know that we have two options for the strength portion of our FLAGSHIP programming? PREP and PRO!

il is showing us a move from today's PREP track, which is great for people who don't have access to a barbell or plates. 

#flagship #strength #strength training

KB Sumo Deadlift

Today at Platform Strength we're testing our deadlift! If you don't have a barbell, don't worry. You can follow our Prep track in the FLAGSHIP program which uses kettlebells & dumbbells instead! April is showing us the proper way to perform a KB Sumo deadlift. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

#platform strength #flagship #strength #strength training

Landmine T-Bar Rows

April is showing us this row variation is in our FLAGSHIP program on Mondays this cycle!

#flagship #strength #strength training

Stallion Squats

Wade is showing us one of the moves you'll see today in our FLAGSHIP program, the Stallion Squat!

#gpp #flagship

Deficit RDL

April shows us a move we love in our FLAGSHIP program! The deficit RDL allows us to get a greater range of motion than with a normal RDL.

#flagship #build

SL Box Jump

Where are our ATHLETES at?! This is a common move you'll see in the athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP programming! 

#flagship #athlete

Backward Lunge to Balance

April demos how to do one of our warm up moves from this cycle of our FLAGSHIP program. This is a great way to warm up the legs while also working on stability!

#warm up #flagship