Outer Hip Roll Out At Wall

Outer hips need a little love? Join Dr. Kerry McGinn and use Yoga Tune Up Balls to roll out the hips at the roll. Perfect if you are short on time and low on space:)

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TMJ roll out

Do you hold tension in your jaw? Do you hold tension in your neck? Often times tension in the jaw can create tension down into the neck. Try this short, sweet and GENTLE roll out of your TMJ area.

By Kerry McGinn

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Mobility with Wade: Intention

Join Wade for a mobility class full of intention to make the most of this time you're taking for yourself.

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Mobility with Sav

Grab a foam roller and join Sav for some weekend mobility

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Mobility for Hip Pain

Wade will talk you through pigeon stretch, couch stretch, an IT band stretch, and a glute release that will open up your hips and help tightness and joint pain.

Click here for more mobility videos!

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Upper Body Mobility & Workout with Wade

Join Wade for a great upper body workout, mobility included!

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Big Toe Mobility

Can you isolate your big toe? (And what the heck does that have to do with running?)

First, try the exercise: plant your big toe on the ground and lift the rest of your toes. If your big toe curls, you’re primarily using your shin muscles rather than isolating the muscles in your foot.

Your big toe is used the entire time your foot is on the ground while running and provides ~85% of your foot control. The less you’re able to isolate and coordinate movements of the big toe, the less your foot is controlled while running. When your foot lands and your foot moves inward, the big toe stabilizes the twisting of the rear foot on the forefoot. When your foot is pushing off the ground, the big toe locks out the foot to create a rigid lever.

Basically, the big toe is really freakin important.

Do you need to work on isolating your big toe? Try doing some "toe yoga" (like this assessment) for 1 minute daily!

Info from: Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry.

By Kelly Lutz

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Mobility with Wade: Quads

Get some mobility in today with this class with Wade focused on quads & hips

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Hip Mobility with Jennifer

Let's fix your stiff hips! Here's another series of moves to help strengthen your hip flexors and improve your range of motion. Remember mobility is strength!

By Jennifer Knutson

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Hip Mobility & Strength

Tight hips? Try out these moves! Here's a series of flows to help unlock and strengthen your hips. Strong hip flexors and hip mobility will help you to maintain better posture and core stability. It will help you to reverse the effects of sitting, decrease your likelihood of pain and injury, and help to increase your overall athletic performance.

You can adapt these to fit your own range of motion limits and push into your own level of stiffness. When applied slowly and gradually over time, you should feel the hips open up and become stronger.

By Jennifer Knutson

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