Nervous System Reset

This is a short, sweet and MAGIC way to reset your body, mind and soul if you're in the midst of stressful seasons of life. Use these simple, body based techniques to bring yourself back to baseline and most importantly, feel GOOD.

By Kerry McGinn

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Understanding Neural Tension in the Body

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people dealing with neural tension or nerve pain. I just wanted to share a little riff on Neural Tension in the body from the perspective of a Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

Note: This is NOT medical advice. If you are in pain, seek out a PT :)

By Kerry McGinn

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30 Days of Mindfulness

If you're looking for a way to add mindfulness to your daily life without the overwhelm of what you should do, check out Dr. Kerry McGinn's 30 Days of Mindfulness. Each day you are given an example of how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. There is also a calendar where you can track your efforts and keep you accountable. The best part-- you might love some (keep those in your back pocket) and you might hate others (ditch those). Click here to learn new tools and take what works for you and leave behind what doesn't

By Kerry McGinn

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Outer Hip Roll Out At Wall

Outer hips need a little love? Join Dr. Kerry McGinn and use Yoga Tune Up Balls to roll out the hips at the roll. Perfect if you are short on time and low on space:)

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TMJ roll out

Do you hold tension in your jaw? Do you hold tension in your neck? Often times tension in the jaw can create tension down into the neck. Try this short, sweet and GENTLE roll out of your TMJ area.

By Kerry McGinn

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Hiking Prep 101

Check out this short ebook to learn Kerry's top 5 tips for prepping for Hiking Season. As an avid hiker and Physical therapist, Kerry loves helping others get outdoors.  This ebook takes you through 5 things she ALWAYS addresses with her hikers and outdoor adventurers.

By Kerry McGinn

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Shoulder & Upper Back Flow

Join Kerry McGinn for a quick 10 minute flow to open up your shoulders & upper back today!

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Guided Grounding Meditation

Feeling a little untethered and scattered? Join Kerry in this short and sweet grounding meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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Feel Good Hips: a mini movement sequence

Break up your day at the computer with a mini movement sequence that takes a 360 degree approach to the hip in under 10 minutes.

By Kerry McGinn

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Zen Out: An Introduction to Meditation Ebook

Check out this ebook to learn more about how to start and maintain a meditation practice. This is perfect for newbie meditators and those looking to learn a bit more about meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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