Balancing Running + Climbing

In this episode, Chelsea of Lady Beta Coaching interviewed me about the parallels between running and climbing, training for a 50k, the importance of food & rest, and much more. Enjoy!

By Kelly Lutz

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Runner's Lunge

April shows us how to open up the hips with the runner's lunge. Try 2 minutes on each side for your mobility today!

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Should beginners run on trails?

This podcast episode is inspired by my newest program READY TO RUN and some questions that my friend Wendy had while reviewing the content!

Wendy was wondering if it's okay for newer runners to run on trails from the start, if trails are considered more advanced, when I would recommend running on trail vs road, how to know if a trail is technical, and the difference between surfaces for running.

By Kelly Lutz

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Transition from Road Running to Trail Running

1. Find a good trail.
I love using Trail Run Project (which I go into in depth in the live) or Facebook groups to find new trails. You can find how hard the trail is, the terrain to expect, and see some pictures to get an idea of what it looks like. I also always recommend researching the local wildlife just in case.

2. Leave your ego at home
You’ll probably be slower on trails than you are on roads, and that can get into a lot of runner’s heads. Go into a trail run without an expectation of pace or time, and you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more.

3. Walk when you need to.
There is no shame in walking!! EVER! Sometimes it’s more efficient to power hike. Sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to run. And that’s totally okay and NORMAL.

By Kelly Lutz

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The label of "runner"

Do you consider yourself a runner?

Today I talk about what the label of "runner" means to me based on a discussion I had with one of my athletes about whether or not she's a "runner" and at which point that switch happens. This can also apply to any other sport that you do!

By Kelly Lutz

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5 Tips to Start Running for Beginners

Interested in adopting a new running routine or training for your first race? Get started with these 5 tips.

By Megan Flanagan

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Base Building for Running

Listen to this podcast to learn what base building is, how to do it, how to know if your easy runs are easy enough.

By Kelly Lutz

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The Rundown on Heart Rate Training

You've likely heard of heart rate training, but what zones should you hit for each workout? When should you take it easy versus push the boundaries? This breaks down each heart rate zone for running and other forms of training.

By Megan Flanagan

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Warm Up Routine for Runners

Most of us know to warm up when we're lifting, but that doesn't always carry over to our runs. If you're in need of some ideas for how to warm up dynamically for your run, check out this playlist of some of my favorites!

By Kelly Lutz

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Glute Bridge Assessment for Running

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