Movement for your BIRD type

In this episode, Em talks about what movement looks like for each BIRD type!

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Feel Good Hips: a mini movement sequence

Break up your day at the computer with a mini movement sequence that takes a 360 degree approach to the hip in under 10 minutes.

By Kerry McGinn

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After Stillness with Tara

This short practice is a great way to start moving again. Whether you've been sick on the couch, had a long day sitting at the computer or even stuck in the car, join me for this quick pick me up. We will ease the spine, ribs and hips back into movement so that you can once again feel ready to take on the world.

By Tara of Daily Ritual

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Body Movement and Neuroplasticity

Join Lisa Wimburger for a webinar on how body movement & neuroplasticity are connected!

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Nourish Your Nervous System Mini Movement

Press reset on your nervous system with this short mini movement sequence. This 4 minute video will take you through some nervous system nourishment techniques, somatic yoga and breathwork. Perfect if you need a moment to pause and shift from GO GO GO to a more rested state.

By Kerry McGinn

#breathwork #yoga #nervous system #kerry mcginn