Glute Activation on Foam Roller

Fridays are lower body day in our FLAGSHIP program, so make sure to get your glutes firing before jumping into the workout! Coach Wade explains how you can do that with this warm up move.

#warm up #glutes

Banded Lateral Steps

This move April is showing us is a part of our FLAGSHIP Tuesday warm up this cycle and is perfect for getting your glutes firing before you start squatting! 

#warm up #glutes #hips

Backward Lunge to Balance

April demos how to do one of our warm up moves from this cycle of our FLAGSHIP program. This is a great way to warm up the legs while also working on stability!

#warm up #flagship

TFS Hip Series

Wade shows us a great warm up to get your glutes & hips ready for lower body day!

#warm up #glutes #hips #hip mobility

Warm Up Routine for Runners

Most of us know to warm up when we're lifting, but that doesn't always carry over to our runs. If you're in need of some ideas for how to warm up dynamically for your run, check out this playlist of some of my favorites!

By Kelly Lutz

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