How to prep for pregnancy (besides kegels!)

Google “preconception exercise”. I bet the main thing you’ll see is to make sure you’re doing kegels. And while that’s not inherently wrong, there's nuance to it. Many women have overactive pelvic floors, meaning that kegels may not be beneficial at all.

There are SO many other things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy, which you can read about in the blog Six Exercises to Prepare for Pregnancy [that aren't kegels!]

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Full Body versus Split Routines

Deciding whether to do a total body workout or split up your muscle groups and body parts throughout the week? Learn more about pros and cons in this infographic.

By Megan Flanagan

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Pull-up Improvement Guide

Looking for ways to improve your pull-ups or get your first one? Try out this template as a guide to improve your pull-ups within 30 days!

By Megan Flanagan

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If you want bolder shoulders, listen in as Em talks about how to build them!

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Office Hours: Gains

If you're looking to get those gainz in 2022, listen in as Em, Wade, & April talk about how to get the most out of your workouts no matter what your routine is. 

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Listen in as Em tells us some different ways to work on those triceps!

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Coach Sav is showing us a killer core move from today's Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP programming!

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Slingshot BB Press

Wade is showing us a fun new move in our FLAGSHIP program today!

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Banded Explosive AB Rotations

Coach George is showing us a new move from the Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP program!

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