Nervous System Reset

This is a short, sweet and MAGIC way to reset your body, mind and soul if you're in the midst of stressful seasons of life. Use these simple, body based techniques to bring yourself back to baseline and most importantly, feel GOOD.

By Kerry McGinn

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Understanding Neural Tension in the Body

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people dealing with neural tension or nerve pain. I just wanted to share a little riff on Neural Tension in the body from the perspective of a Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

Note: This is NOT medical advice. If you are in pain, seek out a PT :)

By Kerry McGinn

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Nourish Your Nervous System Ebook

Learn five ways to nourish your nervous system and find ways to connect back into a deeper state of rest.

By Kerry McGinn

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Nourish Your Nervous System Mini Movement

Press reset on your nervous system with this short mini movement sequence. This 4 minute video will take you through some nervous system nourishment techniques, somatic yoga and breathwork. Perfect if you need a moment to pause and shift from GO GO GO to a more rested state.

By Kerry McGinn

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Use the principles of the Polyvagal Theory according to Dr. Stephen Porges to downregulate your autonomic nervous system (translation:  try these two things to calm the heck down right now).

By Lindsay Mumma

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