Offset Lunges

Check out this lunge variation from the Athlete circuit in our FLAGSHIP program!

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Transverse Step Ups

If you're following our PRO program, you'll see this move in the cycle. Mix up your step ups by adding some rotational movements in like this!

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Woman Makers

Check out this move April is showing us from our FLAGSHIP program today! It's a full body move that will get your heart rate up and pump going.

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DB Standing OH Press

Did you know that we have two options for the strength portion of our FLAGSHIP programming? PREP and PRO!

il is showing us a move from today's PREP track, which is great for people who don't have access to a barbell or plates. 

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Listen in as Em teaches us a new way to train your CORE

Click here for more GET STRONG videos!

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12 Days of Christmas Workouts

We're all short on time throughout the holidays, but that doesn't mean we can't take some time for ourselves. This mini challenge is just 12 minutes of movement for 12 days to keep you moving and sane throughout the craziness this month can bring.

And what's more fun than dancing to Christmas music throughout your workout? Nothing. That's what.

By Lexie Gray

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Upper Body Mobility & Workout with Wade

Join Wade for a great upper body workout, mobility included!

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KB Sumo Deadlift

Today at Platform Strength we're testing our deadlift! If you don't have a barbell, don't worry. You can follow our Prep track in the FLAGSHIP program which uses kettlebells & dumbbells instead! April is showing us the proper way to perform a KB Sumo deadlift. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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Common Push Up Mistakes & Progressions

Are you making these common push up mistakes? Try working on your form using the progressions here!

By Lexie Gray

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