Yoga Flow For Hiking Prep

Join me in the idyllic Berkshires as I prep for my daily hike. This 25 minute yoga flow will hit all the muscles you want moving and grooving for your hike and doubles as a lower intensity post-hike cool down.

By Kerry McGinn

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12 minute Total Body Flow

Join Kerry McGinn PT, DPT, RYT for this 12 minute full body flow that gets you moving through your hips, low back and shoulder with minimal push- ups. This is perfect if you are looking to get moving but don't want to do anything too strenuous.

#yoga #hips #flow #hip mobility #kerry mcginn

Nourish Your Nervous System Ebook

Learn five ways to nourish your nervous system and find ways to connect back into a deeper state of rest.

By Kerry McGinn

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Happy Hips Slow Flow

Join Kerry Mcginn, Physical Therapist & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher in this 45 minute slow flow yoga class.  This class gets you moving through the hips as you turn inward and truly listen to the body.

#yoga #mobility #hips #flow #hip pain #hip mobility #kerry mcginn

Nourish Your Nervous System Mini Movement

Press reset on your nervous system with this short mini movement sequence. This 4 minute video will take you through some nervous system nourishment techniques, somatic yoga and breathwork. Perfect if you need a moment to pause and shift from GO GO GO to a more rested state.

By Kerry McGinn

#breathwork #yoga #nervous system #kerry mcginn

Fuel Your Feel Good Journal Prompts

Take 15 minutes out of your day for some deep reflection on your mind, body and breath. The journal prompts will take you through the 5 pillars of the Live Good, Feel Good method to help you find what fuels your feel good and lights you up.

By Kerry McGinn

#journal prompt #journaling #kerry mcginn