Do probiotics make you bloat?

What many people don't know is that a probiotic maintains a healthy gut, versus healing an unhealthy gut.

So, if you notice that a probiotic doesn't work well for you or it makes you bloat, it’s likely an indicator that you need to first heal your gut & then add in your probiotic. One key way to do this is start with digestive enzymes. Click here for more of our other top healing tips!

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How to Make Sauerkraut

Want to learn how to make your own probiotic rich sauerkraut? It's much easier than you think!

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Gut Health: All the Details

Learn about how to support your gut! It's so important to heal your gut before starting a probiotic, so check out Empirica's Gut Repair first. Then, after you're in a better place you can add in a high quality probiotic.

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Steph's Spicy Kimchi

Enjoy a few tablespoons of this spicy, probiotic goodness once or twice a day with your meals!

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By Stephanie Rome 

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