Kick With Kat: Leg Day Zumba Style

Fun fact: I taught Zumba for almost 10 years. Try this leg day song for when you need to do legs, but don’t wanna do legs

By Kat Muto

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Kick with Kat Circuits

If you need a quick workout to get your body moving on the first day of 2022, Kat has two ten minute circuits that are perfect for getting your heart rate and energy up!

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Kick with Kat: Cardio

Join Kat Muto for a kickboxing cardio class!

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Kick with Kat: 30 minute burnout

Join Kat for a quick 30 min workout to get the burn going this weekend!

Click here for more from Kat Muto!

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Kick With Kat: Front Grab Over Arms

One possible solution to getting away if an attacker grabs you from the front over your arms. Be nice to your training partner, but practice good technique and proper placement.

By Kat Muto

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