Meathead Hippie Podcast: Boundaries

Listen in as Em chats with Jesi Dergance on boundaries, over committing, and apologizing less.

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Understanding Your Body

Listen in as Em and Rachel Pontillo have a conversation on how to understand your body.

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Our Relationship with Food

Listen in to this conversation between Em & Hilary Silver on our relationship with food!

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Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is here! Don’t let the holidays make you feel crummy. You might have time off. You might be traveling. You may love this season, or you may dread it. Either way, here are some ways to help your body thrive during this time.⁣

This isn’t a holiday diet to follow.⁣ The holidays are stressful enough, don't add to them by stressing over your diet. You can drink the pumpkin beer. Or you can pass the glass of wine. You can stay up later than usual. Or you can excuse yourself earlier than others. You can eat the pecan pie. Or you can skip the desserts. You can skip your gym routine. Or you can go go to yoga class. You can support your body to best handle all of these things, no matter what the holidays bring you. ⁣

Check out these tips to help you feel your best through the holidays!

By Michelle Bilinski

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To Hustle Or Not To Hustle?

Can there be a middle ground between anti-hustle and burnout culture?

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by Chelsea Mancini

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Meathead Hippie Podcast: Steph Jagger

Listen in for a heart to heart with Em and Steph about FEELING what our body is trying to tell us.

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I am enough.

There’s been a trend on TikTok lately: “What is the sentence that broke you?” It has struck so many things within me; all those words brought forth and remembered. Words are just words, but the hooks in their underbellies – who can bypass those and/or the things they connect to? Moments caught like fish on their ends. It’s in reflecting that we end up looking back and remembering the moments. The looks. The words. But not just the words we hear, the words we speak to ourselves.

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Your criticism is stopping you

Join Em for a conversation on criticism, critique, and being way too hard on ourselves on this episode of the Meathead Hippie Podcast.

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The importance of giving your self grace

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